My Personal Mission Statement (v. 3)

My yearly ritual now is to post a revision of my personal mission statement. Each year I’m astounded by how much I’ve grown, and how much I have yet to grow. Last year,… Continue reading

What is optimism and what is discernment?

Why It’s Not Enough to Not be Racist; Why We All Need To Be Actively Anti-Racist Instead

I once read an article that attempted to highlight people in the education space. Of the people who were highlighted, 0% appeared to be non-white and only 36% appeared to be women. I… Continue reading

Tales of a Serial Entrepreneur (Part 1): My 3 Biggest Mistakes

On February 10th, 2013, I very publicly (and optimistically) committed to being a serial entrepreneur. One year later, my savings were depleted; I was suffering from insomnia, chronic anxiety, a loss in appetite;… Continue reading

A Week in the Life of an Educator Entrepreneur

Validation for a Life Lived on Principle

“There are many ways to live your life. That’s maybe the most important thing to realize about your life, that every aspect of your life is a choice. But there are default choices.… Continue reading

My Month In Review: August 2015

I’m building the habit of reviewing my priorities, goals, roles, and performance once a month. To keep myself accountable, and to build in the open, I’ve decided to publish these monthly reviews.

5 Things First-Year Teachers Should Do Immediately

In my first year as a teacher, I was given full responsibility for ensuring that my students received an excellent science education that would set them up for future success. My in-classroom responsibilities… Continue reading

My Personal Mission Statement (v.2)

This is the second time I’ve posted my personal mission statement. The first time I did not open the post to comments, but this second time I will. While my personal mission statement… Continue reading

To the First Students I Ever Taught

Dear KIPP Academy MS Class of 2018, First, I want to say that I am proud of you. I am proud of the incredible work that you’ve done throughout the years, your grit,… Continue reading