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Words Matter; Symbols Matter: Technology Adoption in Education

Larry Cuban, a well-respected education blogger, recently posted the following: Technology Evangelists, Skeptics, and Those in theย Middle In it, he points out that what is new is not always what is better and… Continue reading

Help! I’m a Teacher– How Do I Get Into Education Technology?

When I first started teaching fifth grade science at KIPP Academy in Houston, Texas, I had no idea that I would end up parlaying that experience into my current role as a consultant… Continue reading

5 Surprising Books All Educators Should Read

The following is a list of books that have fundamentally changes the way I view education. They are not titles that will come up in a typical search of “books on education,” some… Continue reading

9 Reasons Great Teachers Make Great Leaders

In many companies, people are promoted into leadership positions because they were top-notch performers in their previous role. Being an individual performer, however, is very different from being a leader and requires a… Continue reading

Making Failure Survivable

I made a tough decision yesterday, one I hope was the right one. I’ve been planning an inquiry-based unit on Astronomy since November, one I envisioned would culminate in an Astronomy Exhibition Night… Continue reading

Ask the Experts

I have a new way of unit planning. It’s called, ask the experts. To plan my upcoming Astronomy unit, I emailed my mentor at the New Science Teacher Academy, I asked for help… Continue reading

THIS is what I aspire to. THIS is what is possible.

I’m Rolling Gutterballs

I’m in the middle of grading my latest unit assessment right now and the trends of student achievement are demoralizing, to say the very least. Even objectives I have tutored extensively for have… Continue reading

My Commitment for the School Year

Commitment is as much a mindset as it is a set of actions. So, this year, I am committing. I am committing to 100%. I commit to 100% of my students being 100%… Continue reading

The Best Part about Teaching My Second Year…

…is the experience of building much stronger relationships with my students. Last year I was too stressed, and battling too much with my students for control, to build lasting relationships with the majority… Continue reading