My Quarter in Review: Winter 2016

What I Accomplished My greatest accomplishments over the last three months was that I finally made it to Thailand! My Thailand trip has been a dream since August 2014, and I was able… Continue reading

Words Matter; Symbols Matter: Technology Adoption in Education

Larry Cuban, a well-respected education blogger, recently posted the following: Technology Evangelists, Skeptics, and Those in the Middle In it, he points out that what is new is not always what is better and… Continue reading

I Just Reached 2000+ Twitter Followers!

I just reached 2000+ Twitter followers, and I’m incredibly excited by this milestone!

How To Have the Conversations You Desperately Want To Avoid (Part 1): 10 Tips for Holding People Accountable

I’ve gotten pretty good at having conversations most people want to avoid. My first “business” was actually The Conversation Coach, which I shut down when I realized that communication skills alone was not the… Continue reading

My Quarter in Review: Winter 2015

My greatest accomplishment last quarter was clarifying what we do at #NYCEDU. We curate, coach, and connect community organizers who work across lines of difference in NYC education. Curate We find the community organizers… Continue reading

To Whom I Owe the Greatest Gratitude

I recently wrote “Tales of a Serial Entrepreneur (Part 5): How To Build a Safety Net When You’re Born with None.” In writing it, I realize that there are many organizations that are… Continue reading

I Grow Expertise in only Three Domains

Education Policy, Politics, Pedagogy, Entrepreneurship… You name it, I know it. Scalable Solutions More precisely, scalable solutions to systemic problems. Human Behavior Why people do what they do. As individuals, in families, as… Continue reading

This Is the Email You Send When You Want to Make an Impact, Do Good Work, Build Your Portfolio, and Advance Your Career

This one email to the right people led to Helping Student Loan Hero and Careerosity when they were part of Socratic Labs (unpaid), which led to Organizing Startup Weekend NYCEDU 2013 with the… Continue reading

I am tired of reading book after book, watching video after video, seeing speaker after speaker, of people who don’t look like me.

What is optimism and what is discernment?