Why Blog?

Thank you to all my readers and friends who have contributed comments and thoughts to this blog. I love the community and the way you’ve helped me grow as a teacher, and I hope that I’ve helped you as well! Now that my blog posts are coming more frequently, I just wanted to brainstorm a site-map for this blog. I envision my blog posts falling under five main categories:

  1. The reflective post that puts my musings and feelings on paper and invites your own reactions.
  2. The professional development post that contributes to the profession of teaching and serves as a starting point for further discussion. I hope this section also helps chronicle things a new teacher needs to learn but is often not taught in traditional professional development meetings so that current (and future) new teachers can have a resource to draw from.
  3. The educational post that illuminates some issue.
  4. The funny post that shares quirks, or the tips & tricks that have to do with simple living.
  5. The techie post about ways to make your life easier using technology.

To navigate to a specific category, you can hit the buttons on the menubar above (currently, there are no posts in the “issues” section, so that category isn’t visible, yet). I’ll also try to come up with a tagging system that makes it easier for people to find the posts that are relevant to them. (For example, I have a TFA tag that people can click on to learn more about my TFA-specific experience).

All this is in a constant state of flux, though, and I’d love your input as well! Which kind of posts would you like to see most often? What kinds of posts am I missing from the list that you believe I ought to add?


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