I Just Reached 2000+ Twitter Followers!

just reached 2000+ Twitter followers, and I’m incredibly excited by this milestone!

Screenshot of Twitter (12-9-15, 9-56-43 PM)

Why Am I Excited About This?

  • Twitter is the best way to engage with people I don’t already know. People on Twitter expect to be reachable by anyone.
  • Twitter has lead to all sorts of serendipitous connections, from finding amazing startup companies to meet my needs as a teacher to meeting like-minded collaborators who I never would have met in person.
  • I hope that my Twitter contributions are adding value to others, and having 2000+ followers feels like there are 2000+ people who see value in what I write.

How Did I Reach 2000+?

  • Using hashtags to be discoverable by others who follow that hashtag
  • Sending excellent live tweets of events
    • Think “sound bites” that can live on their own
    • Quote speakers and attribute their quotes to them by using their Twitter handles
    • Add your own commentary and links to external resources
    • Take pictures, create visual notes, share information in a different way
    • Amplify other people’s voices as well
  • Engaging with communities that were not necessarily in my immediate circle (e.g. Social Justice Conference, TechEd Meetup, National Conferences)
  • Being me! It’s not all business. It’s where I’ve checked in, funny shower thoughts, rock-climbing successes, and more! However, do think about what value you’re creating at all times, so balance the personal with the professional
  • Creating Twitter lists in order to get curated news from specific communities

What’s Next?

I’m not sure yet! But I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing and we’ll see what happens. And, if you have any tips and tricks, please let me know!

Psst. Want to see what I post on Twitter? Follow me @debryc! (=

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