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To Whom I Owe the Greatest Gratitude

I recently wrote “Tales of a Serial Entrepreneur (Part 5): How To Build a Safety Net When You’re Born with None.” In writing it, I realize that there are many organizations that are… Continue reading

Why It’s Not Enough to Not be Racist; Why We All Need To Be Actively Anti-Racist Instead

I once read an article that attempted to highlight people in the education space. Of the people who were highlighted, 0% appeared to be non-white and only 36% appeared to be women. I… Continue reading

A Week in the Life of an Educator Entrepreneur

Help! I’m a Teacher– How Do I Get Into Education Technology?

When I first started teaching fifth grade science at KIPP Academy in Houston, Texas, I had no idea that I would end up parlaying that experience into my current role as a consultant… Continue reading

Designed for Teachers: Lessons Learned from Designing the Buzzmath iPad App

Most recently, I worked with the team at Buzzmath to redesign their iPad app. It was (and continues to be) an incredible experience because the team at Buzzmath really care about teacher and… Continue reading

5 Surprising Books All Educators Should Read

The following is a list of books that have fundamentally changes the way I view education. They are not titles that will come up in a typical search of “books on education,” some… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity

Some people are naturals at personal productivity, others have to learn it. I’m definitely the latter. My first year teaching, I was so awful at managing my time that I would go days… Continue reading

3 Education Blogs You’ll Want to Read

1. Teach for Us is a site where Teach for America teachers and alum post their thoughts on education. It has a fun mix of posts from current Teach for America teachers who… Continue reading

The Ultimate iPhone App for Teachers: Dash4Teachers Makes Contacting Parents Easy and Enjoyable

Teachers, listen up. If you could download only one iPhone app, ever again, make it this one. Dash4Teachers is available in the App Store for $4.99. It is literally the most indispensable iPhone… Continue reading

The First Necessary Ingredient in School Reform is Trust

One of the lessons I learned this year, that I did not realize before becoming a teacher, is that trust is paramount to the functioning of an effective school and school system. I… Continue reading