Why It’s Not Enough to Not be Racist; Why We All Need To Be Actively Anti-Racist Instead

I once read an article that attempted to highlight people in the education space. Of the people who were highlighted, 0% appeared to be non-white and only 36% appeared to be women. I chose to email my disappoint to the author of the article and founder of the publication. Unfortunately, he was dismissive of my concerns, mostly because he thought, “My team nor do I look at people based on color. Further, for us to include anyone on the basis of race would make us guilty of the racism that you are inferring that we already engage in.” I replied with a clarification that “when I say racism, I use Dr. Beverly Tatum’s explanation of racism, which is an institutionalized system of privileges based on race that are subtly ingrained in the surrounding culture, making it difficult to read.” I also suggested a conversation in person so that we could understand where we were both coming from and apologized if my first email came off in any way as accusatory or not appreciative of his work.

He never replied back.

I hope, some day, he will.

Full Email Exchange Below

-ism 1

-ism 2

-ism 3

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