THIS is what I aspire to. THIS is what is possible.

I’m Applying for Jobs

And it’s both exciting as well as nerve-wracking. I’ve thought a lot about what I would like to do, and I’m pretty content with the conclusions that I’ve made. The first conclusion is… Continue reading

I’m Rolling Gutterballs

I’m in the middle of grading my latest unit assessment right now and the trends of student achievement are demoralizing, to say the very least. Even objectives I have tutored extensively for have… Continue reading

My Commitment for the School Year

Commitment is as much a mindset as it is a set of actions. So, this year, I am committing. I am committing to 100%. I commit to 100% of my students being 100%… Continue reading

The Best Part about Teaching My Second Year…

…is the experience of building much stronger relationships with my students. Last year I was too stressed, and battling too much with my students for control, to build lasting relationships with the majority… Continue reading

My Long Term Plan

My Biggest Challenges as a Beginning Second Year Teacher

Right now I’m struggling with two things. One is pacing. The second is data. On the first challenge, my lessons are taking twice as long as I plan them to take. I think… Continue reading

My Unit Planning Process: Take 3

One of my favorite bloggers on Teach For Us (a blogging platform for Teach for America teachers and alumni), Wess, wrote: “Why don’t we see any exemplars before they’re exemplary?”. I agree. I… Continue reading

The First Necessary Ingredient in School Reform is Trust

One of the lessons I learned this year, that I did not realize before becoming a teacher, is that trust is paramount to the functioning of an effective school and school system. I… Continue reading

I’ve Implemented My First Project Based Learning Experience!

It’s incredibly exciting. I’ve spent a good number of hours planning a simple, four day unit on Safety in fifth grade science in which students work in teams to present skits that show… Continue reading