On My Road to Being a Serial Entrepreneur

I have decided that I am going to be a serial entrepreneur. I’ve certainly dabbled in it, having founded the KIPP Houston Summer Internship Program (now KIPP Houston Urban Education Experience) and having tested basically every educational technology tool out there, but now I’m getting serious, now I’m preparing to start my own business and run with it.

Why declare this? Because I know the road is tough and I’ll need people to hold me accountable as well as cheer me on.

Why blog about it? Because right now I know nothing, and hopefully two years from now I’ll know a lot more. I don’t want to forget what I didn’t know before I knew I needed to know it.

Why blog about this (reason 2)? Because I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who also want to start their own business, and I hope that my steps and stumbles, successes and failures, insights and tangents, can help show them that they can do it, too.