I feel, sometimes, that people who care deeply about education often talk past each other instead of engaging with each other at a deeper level to work through disagreements in order to build… Continue reading

Setting Up for Successful Collaboration

So I was reading this Harvard Business Review blog post on the Six Common Misperceptions About Teamwork and this immediately popped out to me: The hands-on activities of group leaders do make a… Continue reading

My Unit Planning Progress: The Beginning

I will be planning my next two units (measurement and biology) on Google Docs so that I can collaborate with other educators and so I can easily see my revision history. I think… Continue reading

How Do I Teach Evolution, Respectfully and Uncompromisingly?

I’m planning my unit on biology right now and I’m going to unabashedly teach evolution. The unit sequence begins with the essential questions of “What gives rise to the great diversity of life… Continue reading

The Evidence For/Against Evolution

This post is meant as a forum for debate for those who would like to explain the evidence for evolution or argue against it. Please keep comments respectful. As moderator, I reserve the… Continue reading

How Do I Give Authentic Assessments? The Lab Practicum

I’m planning to have a lab practicum in which my students have to work in teams of three or four to figure out the composition of three mystery liquids (water, salt water, and… Continue reading

Keeping Track of Your Finances: The Easy Way

SHORT STORY | The answer to all your finance tracking woes is¬†Xpenser.com. Go there, now. LONG STORY |¬†One of the issues as a new teacher, I find, is dealt with completely outside of… Continue reading

Changing School Governance

Charter schools have largely been a niche operation, serving few students relative to the number of students served by traditional public school systems. Successful charter schools have also generally been seen as a… Continue reading

Family First

I had been in a funk over the weekend and the first three days of the week. Literally, no desire to work, breaking down if anyone probed me on how I was doing,… Continue reading


I just want to celebrate. A student who received an F for the first quarter, just got a 100% on his last quiz. There’s no better feeling, then seeing the pride he took,… Continue reading