Why Blog?

Thank you to all my readers and friends who have contributed comments and thoughts to this blog. I love the community and the way you’ve helped me grow as a teacher, and I… Continue reading

How to Make the Most out of Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions. We’ve all had to take them. After all, they’re easy to grade. Run the scantrons through the scantron machine… 10 seconds/scantron later, you have a printout of what each student… Continue reading

Practice Makes Perfect

I do not remember when I stumbled across this tidbit of wisdom, but to all teachers and managers of people out there, once I learned and internalized this concept, my ability to shepherd… Continue reading

Diverting the Waters

Never have I ever had a week as tough as my first week on the job as a middle school science teacher.

Why Teach For America?

My students come on Monday. I am terrified. There is nothing like it, the first day of being a teacher in my own classroom, MY classroom. I have so much to do. My… Continue reading

The End of Institute

A single day at institute can fee incredibly long, but the entire five weeks goes by like the high speed train that whips through a busy platform, leaving only the shuddering of people… Continue reading

The First Three Weeks

This is the first and last of a very long post on my experience thus far as a Teach for America teacher. The first because it’s been a long time coming, the last… Continue reading

Making Sense of Standards: A Prologue

I took my first look at the Texas 5th Grade Science Standards today. I don’t even know where to begin. Where do I find resources? How do I structure the class? How do… Continue reading