Making Sense of Standards: A Prologue

I took my first look at the Texas 5th Grade Science Standards today.

I don’t even know where to begin. Where do I find resources? How do I structure the class? How do I assess where my students are coming from? How to I assess what they must surpass?

The TAKS, 5th grade science exam from 2009, is here:

My goal, 100% pass rate.

How do I get student buy-in? How do I move all these students from point A to point B and beyond to point C?

Right now I have WAY more questions than answers.

Have reached out to Mr. Soderberg, my wonderful fifth grade teacher, to see what resources are available to me and to hear what an experienced teacher says. Meanwhile, life is crazy with five days left before flying off to Bogata, Colombia with friends for one senior jaunt before the year ends.

“Making Sense of Standards….” I sense a continuation.

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  1. Anu says:

    There are TONS of online resources. As an exercise, Teacher Prep made us look for 3-5 online teaching resources and 3-5 online student resources for our subject, and I found an overwhelming number of resources out on the web! Hope you’ve poked around and found some 🙂

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