My Unit Planning Progress: The Beginning

I will be planning my next two units (measurement and biology) on Google Docs so that I can collaborate with other educators and so I can easily see my revision history. I think it’ll be a very informative look into the planning process, as well as a way for me to go back and reflect on what I’ve learned as a teacher. Since unit planning using Understanding by Design and with a heavy emphasis on tech integration as well as project-based learning is new for me, I look forward to seeing my progress as I start from scratch and slowly build that dream unit I’ve been envisioning in my head.

I hope you can enjoy the journey with me! As I continue working, I’ll be updating this blog periodically with my progress as well as with the resources I’m drawing from. Maybe some new educator will stumble across my blog one day, follow my journey, and be inspired to start on his or her own, as well.

And, if you’d like to add your comments directly into the Google Doc, I welcome your contribution! Go ahead and edit the document. I’d love for you to comment on the actual document by choosing Insert > Add Comment (or CTRL+M on PCs).

Here’s the link to edit:

And here’s a preview of the document (sans comments):


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