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Learning is Fundamentally Human: Cornell BigRed//Hacks ‘17 Keynote Address by Deborah Chang

Cornell BigRed//Hacks is the oldest student-run hackathon in the country. This year, 40+ teams worked on hacking together a technology solution for an education problem. I was invited to give the keynote speech… Continue reading

Reflections on my TEDxPrincetonU Talk: How to fail successfully

November of 2013, I gave a TEDx talk on how to fail successfully based on my own experiences. At the time, I was a budding entrepreneur who was working on a multitude of… Continue reading

TEDxPrincetonU: How to Fail Successfully by Deborah Chang [Transcribed]

“For my entire life I was taught how to be successful, but I was not taught to fail.” But “the only thing that’s certain about the future is that it’s uncertain. So failure is inevitable. And if failure is inevitable, we need to work that into our process of learning and growing.”

This Is the Email You Send When You Want to Make an Impact, Do Good Work, Build Your Portfolio, and Advance Your Career

This one email to the right people led to Helping Student Loan Hero and Careerosity when they were part of Socratic Labs (unpaid), which led to Organizing Startup Weekend NYCEDU 2013 with the… Continue reading

I am tired of reading book after book, watching video after video, seeing speaker after speaker, of people who don’t look like me.

So how do I be an entrepreneur and, you know, eat?

If you want to know the answer to this as well, forward to all you entrepreneur friends. I’ll publish results when we have 50 responses. 100 responses is even better. For more resources… Continue reading

On My Road to Being a Serial Entrepreneur

I have decided that I am going to be a serial entrepreneur. I’ve certainly dabbled in it, having founded the KIPP Houston Summer Internship Program (now KIPP Houston Urban Education Experience) and having… Continue reading