This Is the Email You Send When You Want to Make an Impact, Do Good Work, Build Your Portfolio, and Advance Your Career


This one email to the right people led to

  • Helping Student Loan Hero and Careerosity when they were part of Socratic Labs (unpaid), which led to
  • Organizing Startup Weekend NYCEDU 2013 with the Socratic Labs team (unpaid), which led to
  • Joining Socratic Labs as Chief of Staff (unpaid), which led to
  • Lead organizing Startup Weekend NYCEDU 2014 with connections made through Socratic Labs (unpaid), which led to
  • Being hired by fellow Startup Weekend NYCEDU organizers to facilitate a session led by 4.0 Schools and Innovate NYC Schools (paid), which led to
  • Being hired as an independent consultant by an edtech company (paid), which led to
  • Everything else (paid and paid well)!

Do not underestimate the power of doing work that you care about, that you’re passionate about, with people you want to support, and in a way that allows you to learn.

Other must view resources include

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