My Quarter in Review: Summer 2019

I’m writing this post in a moment of pure joy and sense of accomplishment. Why? Because I have so much to be celebrating!

Leanne, Laura, Farzana, and I met up at a Revive the Dream panel on “The Purpose of Education” with Laura organizing, Leanne moderating, and Farzana speaking! I was honored to be a guest at the event.

Life is great on the personal side as well. One, my friends and significant other are the best. Two, my financial situation has improved as I’ve had to spend less money going to conferences and trainings to learn about collective impact and as I’ve gained consulting and coaching gigs. I’m also hopeful that as we shift to focusing on funding #NYCEDU, I’ll start transitioning out of these gigs and into a fully compensated role at #NYCEDU. Three, I’m continuing to grow as a cook. My favorite recipe from this past quarter? The best lemon cheesecake I’ve ever had, cooked at home in my pressure cooker. The runner-up is learning how to make scallion pancakes.

So what’s next? Well, lots! My goal by the end of 2019 will be to have filed all the paperwork and created all the structures necessary for #NYCEDU to have its independent 501(c)3 status, supported Rachel Kate Miller in selecting a new name (take the new name survey here), and made progress on supporting the board in setting our 2020 strategy. I also want to expand our partnerships circle while solidifying our relationships with our existing partners who have been so instrumental to #NYCEDU’s growth and development. On the personal side, I think my 2020 goal will be to dive into climate justice. I’m inspired to do this by the young people who have been leading the charge. I’ve got to do my part, too.

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