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My Quarter in Review: Summer 2017

I spent much of this last quarter in deep contemplation, both with other people and in my own writing and reading. Questions I grappled with included: What does it take to create a… Continue reading

My Quarter in Review: Spring 2017

For the first time in five years, I didn’t organize Startup Weekend Education NYC. Instead, I was its facilitator! This was significant for several reasons. I passed the baton. Eugene Leventhal and his organizing team… Continue reading

My Quarter in Review: Winter 2017

A Look Forward After two years of organizing #NYCEDU on a part-time volunteer basis, I’ve officially stepped into a new role as “founder.” In taking this step, I’m accepting the responsibility for guiding #NYCEDU… Continue reading

My Quarter in Review: Spring 2016

Progress is the goal, not perfection.

My Quarter in Review: Winter 2016

What I Accomplished My greatest accomplishments over the last three months was that I finally made it to Thailand! My Thailand trip has been a dream since August 2014, and I was able… Continue reading

My Quarter in Review: Winter 2015

My greatest accomplishment last quarter was clarifying what we do at #NYCEDU. We curate, coach, and connect community organizers who work across lines of difference in NYC education. Curate We find the community organizers… Continue reading

My Quarter in Review: Fall 2015

I’m building the habit of reviewing my priorities, goals, roles, and performance once a month. To keep myself accountable, and to build in the open, I’ve decided to publish these monthly reviews.